Epcon Communities

Epcon Communities

A trusted home builder of low maintenance communities.

At Epcon Communities, our mission is to build homes, neighborhoods, and lifestyles that provide one remarkable experience. We have delivered on that promise since 1986 by integrating smart, innovative designs with the most desirable of modern amenities. Today, more than 26,000 families and individuals call an Epcon community home, which makes us one of the top lifestyle-rich home developers in the country year after year.

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Staycation Living Can be Yours

In a new Epcon detached home you'll enjoy all the benefits of staycation living. You're free to live life on your terms, with meals outside on your private courtyard patio.

What makes Epcon homes great?

"We believe that architecture is a form of art, but unlike art that you go to a museum to watch on the wall, our art form is art that you live in and enjoy every day."

Why Building a New Home is the Smart Move

Avoid the headache of costly, time-consuming repairs by building a brand new home.

Time to get started...with Epcon.

With Epcon, it's time to get started: Start living the life you've always wanted. Start doing more want-to's and fewer have-to's. Start enjoying your free time with nothing standing in your way. You've earned it.

Epcon Communities: It's About Time...

Epcon Communities is about time with family and friends. It's also about time for yourself and having the opportunity to do all the things you enjoy doing (not the mowing, raking or shoveling that you don't).

Epcon Lifestyle

Discover a community where you can enjoy life to its fullest.

At Epcon Communities, we create carefree lifestyle communities where residents can experience the finest qualities and best moments of life. Our commitment to excellence shines first and foremost from our celebrated homes. Each model is carefully designed with exquisite attention to detail and uncompromising standards.

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