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Take it outdoors: Make the most of your front porch

Charlotte, NC  |  05.09.17

The warm weather draws people outside to enjoy the fresh air, particularly welcomed after a cold winter. Decks, patios and courtyards extend your living space outdoors, usually in the back yard. The front porch, however, should not be overlooked!

The porch might seem like a covered threshold that simply boosts curb appeal to your home, but this space has cultural significance that dates back to the years before the Revolutionary War. The British brought this architectural status symbol to the new country. Families retired to the front porch to enjoy shade from the sun in the day and a cool breeze in the evening.

We’re seeing the porch come back into favor as more people use their porches as an outdoor living space, as well as a connection with the neighborhood around them. The porch swing has returned as people are looking for bigger porches to accommodate more outdoor furnishing and décor. Add an outdoor area rug, container gardens, solar-powered lights, and you have a lovely space to unwind or entertain.

Some of our Epcon Communities homeowners use their front porch as a way to connect with the people in their neighborhood. Roger and Melanie Springer hosted an impromptu hurricane party from the porch of their Epcon home in Marrington at Cobblestone in Summerville, South Carolina. Once the hurricane was downgraded to a tropical storm with negligible impact in their area, they invited passersby to join them. One by one, neighbors came, bringing all sorts of refreshments with them.

The Courtyards at Kinnamon Park near Charlotte, North Carolina, is offering Epcon’s newest home design portfolio, the American Porch Collection. The 94, single-family homes in this community each feature a covered front porch to encourage more social interaction among neighbors. With the maintenance-free lifestyle afforded to all Epcon Communities residents, they have more time to sit on the porch and take in the easy living.

Outdoor living spaces don’t need to be confined to the back yard. Get back to the roots of American homes and set a spell on the front porch!