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4 reasons to buy a new home


Are you thinking about moving? Not sure whether to buy a new home or a "used" home? There are pros and cons to both sides. The people leaning toward buying a resale are often focused on the asking price. In reality, looking at the total cost of ownership and the greater value of investing in a new home is typically a better approach.

Here are 4 reasons why buying a new home may be the right choice:

1.    New construction uses high quality techniques and materials. Today’s homebuilders utilize advances in construction processes and products. With today’s building codes and regulations, a new home must adhere to more stringent guidelines for quality and safety. New homes also utilize more energy-efficient systems and materials.

2.    Energy efficiency adds value. Your new home was designed to maximize its energy efficiency. Everything from the windows, roof, and HVAC system to ENERGY STAR appliances and water-conserving showerheads and toilets is chosen to preserve natural resources and save you money. A home built this year is estimated to be 30 percent more energy-efficient than one that was constructed five to seven years ago, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. How much savings would that give you each year?

3.    It’s move-in ready—no renovation, repairs, or replacements required. Everything in your new construction home is new and under warranty. You don’t have to worry about replacing the roof, appliances, or HVAC system in the coming years. Maintenance will require far less time, which frees up your weekends and your household budget for other, more desirable activities.

4.    The right design for today’s lifestyle. If you’re looking for an open floor plan, or updated kitchen and bathrooms, you might need to do some renovation to get what you want with a resale home. New homes are designed to align with the wish list of homebuyers. That includes storage space (closets, kitchen cabinets, pantry), owner suites, and the open flow that creates a greater sense of space. Kitchens feature details like granite countertops and stainless steel appliances, attractive and durable flooring, and thoughtful design that integrates more food prep area, an island, and a breakfast bar. The wiring accommodates our use of electronics and other essentials, like wall-mounted, big-screen televisions and outdoor connectivity. Flexibility is built into a new home, because homeowners and their families want to personalize their living space.

Use this cost-savings calculator to compare the cost of buying a new home with an existing one. At Epcon Communities, we provide low-maintenance, single-family homes that deliver all the benefits of purchasing a new home, with the bonus of wonderful neighborhoods, community amenities, and desirable locations. Check out all of our locations around the country to find an Epcon Community near you.