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Springtime bucket list: Get out of your comfort zone


Spring is the season of fresh starts. It’s a great time to get out and try new things. Expand your horizons. Overcome your habit of doing the same old thing. Here are some ideas to jumpstart a springtime bucket list to get out of your comfort zone.

Celebrate an unusual holiday. There are many odd holidays that don’t appear on your calendar. Talk Like Shakespeare Day is Sunday, April 23. Monday, May 8, is No Socks Day. May 17 is Pack Rat Day—a great time to schedule some spring cleaning. Pick a day that sparks a festive feeling in you. Mark it on your calendar. Plan something special to honor the occasion.

Plan a Someday Day. Are there places you’ve passed on your way to somewhere else and said, “Hmmm, I really have to check that out someday”? Make a list of those places or things to try. Then, designate a Someday Day that is dedicated to hitting as many as you can.

Take a totally unplanned road trip. I know what you’re thinking: If it’s on my list, how can it be spontaneous? Well, don’t plan ahead. Wake up one day and get in the car, take a bus, or buy a train ticket. Pick a destination or just go.

Challenge yourself. Are you afraid of heights? Do you find clowns unsettling? Is there something you know you could do better if you only put your mind to it? Choose one thing for your springtime bucket list that challenges your status quo. If you’re afraid of heights, go ziplining or take a hot air balloon ride. For clownaphobia, dress yourself up like a clown and spend a day clowning around.

Learn something out-of-the-ordinary. Just about any topic you want to explore can be found online. Learn Mandarin. Explore 20 dishes to make with your favorite spring herb, fruit, or vegetable. Go to the library and wander down an aisle you’ve never, ever browsed. Borrow a book and read it! Take a tai chi, Zumba, or belly dancing class. Try ballroom dancing. And once you’ve learned that really interesting thing, share it with others.

Refresh your garden. Plant perennial bulbs in your garden that will remind you later of your springtime bucket list.

Watch the sunrise and sunset on the same day. Start your day with the natural beauty of the sun rising on the horizon. Then plan to be in a serene place to enjoy the setting sun at the end of the day.

Do something nice, for no reason at all. Cheer up residents at a nursing home. Pick up trash in a public area. Take fresh-baked cookies to a neighbor you’ve never met. Volunteer.

Make a splash. Yes, the water in the lakes, rivers, streams, and ocean is cold in the spring. But make it your rite of spring to wade or dive right in.

Try an alternative therapy. Treat yourself to a therapeutic massage, aromatherapy, acupuncture, or reflexology.

Unleash your inner child. Fly a kite. Blow bubbles. Color in a coloring book. Play on a swingset. Draw on the sidewalk with chalk. Jump in a puddle. Climb a tree. Find shapes and figures in the clouds.

Warning: This escape from your comfort zone could become a habit!