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Outdoor Spring Cleaning Checklist


The maintenance-free lifestyle that comes with a home in an Epcon community is a real plus to our homeowners. Exterior maintenance (think: mowing, edging, cleaning the gutters and trimming the landscaping) is typically included with the HOA fee. But if you’re someone who doesn’t live in an Epcon community (or just likes this kind of thing), here’s an outdoor spring cleaning checklist to guide you.

Examine your roof.  Start your exterior spring cleaning at the top! Winter weather may have damaged areas of your roof and gutters. Look for cracked, torn, loose, or missing shingles and cracked or loose gutters. Make the necessary repairs or hire a professional.

Clean the gutters and downspouts. Remove all leaves, twigs, and debris that could prohibit good drainage. When water builds up in your gutters, it flows back to your home. Wear gloves to protect your hands while you’re digging in the gutters. Then rinse with a hose, and look for leaks while the water is running through the gutters and downspouts. Finally, make sure the base of your downspouts is pointed away from your home’s foundation.

Find and fix the cracks. Look closely at the window and door trim. Repair any cracked, loose, or damaged areas. Inspect your siding and foundation. Remember, cracks can indicate structural problems as well as reduce your home’s energy efficiency. Don’t overlook any of them!

Find the loose spots. Walk around your home’s outdoor living spaces and locate loose steps, boards, and railings. Repair these hazardous spots to prevent an accident.

Clean around the foundation. Rake the leaves, twigs, and debris away from your foundation, and rake the dirt toward it. Add more soil, if necessary, and fresh mulch, if you like.

Power up the pressure washer. Once you’ve sealed all potential leaks and loose spots, give your walls, driveway, and outdoor living spaces (patio, porch, deck) a good cleaning. Before you turn the high-powered hose toward any surface, check for and fix loose shingles or boards so that you don’t cause more damage.

Wash the windows and screens. Take out your screens and scrub them with warm, soapy water and a soft brush, and hose them off. While they’re drying, clean your windows (inside and out). Spray them with a mix of water and white vinegar and use microfiber cloths or wadded newspaper to avoid lint and streaks.

Give your home a refreshing, spa-like treatment, and it will give you enhanced curb appeal in return!

Or you might consider moving into an Epcon community, and have the luxury to spend your time doing things you really enjoy.