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8 trends in new home design


Whether it’s fashion, furnishings, cars, or homes, people expect to see new design trends each year. So, what’s coming, going, and staying with new home design in the coming year?

Cooking merges with living.

The kitchen used to be tucked away as a purely functional space. Now that cooking has become more of a group activity, new home designs are merging the kitchen with the rest of the living spaces. The open floor plan has created a seamless space, and clever use of cabinetry and hidden appliances allow for a better blend.

Design now includes everything AND the kitchen sink.

Like every other functional element in your home, the kitchen sink has caught the eye of creative designers. You’re no longer limited to a stainless steel sink. The new design trend shifts toward more eye appeal. The double sink is losing ground to the single-basin, which accommodates large pots and pans. Undermount sinks are a popular choice with solid-surface countertops, like granite, marble, and composite.

If you’re looking at bringing in quartz or marble for your countertop, you can now match the sink. Integrated quartz composite and marble sinks give you a completely seamless, sleek look.

Farmhouse and apron sinks offer more space and appealing detail—with your choice of porcelain, copper, and stainless steel, bamboo, and many more finishes.

The shower reigns over the tub.

The compact shower space is spreading out The newest trend takes the bathtub’s space and reallocates it to create a much larger, luxurious shower. Add a bench so you can sit down and enjoy the gentle flow from your rain showerhead and body spray. In fact, the shower becomes a room within the bathroom; a luxurious, spa-like escape.

Size matters for bathroom floors.

The small tiles on bathroom and shower floors has given way to larger sizes. Oblongs, like 6” x 36”. 4” x 16”, and 12” x 24” lend themselves to interesting patterns, and fewer grout lines. The large-format tiles also make the room appear larger.

Gray takes over the neutral zone.

Neutral colors have always been a safe choice, but the interior color trends of beige, mocha, and other warm tones are now fading to shades of gray. The soft hues can range from warm to cool, and blend beautifully with any accents. Want something more dramatic? Choose a darker tone, like charcoal or gunmetal.

Cabinets are going gray, too.

White still dominates the trend in kitchen cabinets, but gray is showing up with more frequency, adding just a bit more color to the room. From wood to metal, gray cabinetry works in any type of kitchen style—farmhouse, old world, traditional, contemporary, and modern.

Kitchen upgrades are a hot topic.

From creative custom cabinetry to pampered plumbing fixtures and brilliant lighting ideas, kitchens have become a showplace for details. Countertops are still the mainstay, but the performance of your kitchen space has many more options to explore.

Take the living space outside.

It doesn’t matter whether you live in climate that’s warm year ‘round or just seasonally. Outdoor living spaces are important. Focal points like a water or fire feature—or both—add a natural element to the room without walls. Add all the conveniences of your indoor spaces—kitchen, electronics, and lighting—and complement them with a wider choice of furnishings than ever before. Epcon Communities’ homes include a private courtyard that offers privacy with the outdoor living space our homeowners enjoy.

There’s nothing like making a few changes in your home to create a whole new atmosphere!