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A cure for the winter doldrums: Perk up your décor.


You’ve taken down your festive holiday decorations. Now what? You still have a few more months of winter before the first breath of spring delivers another spark of joy.

Here’s a cure for the winter doldrums. Perk up your décor. Even a small change here and there can make a big difference in your surroundings, which directly impact your mood.

Here are some simple winter redecorating ideas.

·         Change your wall art. The photos and artwork you hang on your wall gradually become “background noise”. You stop noticing them. Try replacing your wall decor with seasonal pieces. Refresh your family photos. Replace old frames with new ones. You can even remove the existing frames and repaint them.

·         Swap the pillows and throws. These are like jewelry for your furniture. They complete the look. So, it makes sense to change your pillows and lap throws from season to season, just like your other accessories.

·         Move furniture. Move the sofa and chair. Take an occasional table or bookshelf from one room and move it to another. Shop from your home and look for items that can be moved around or to another place.

·         Rethink the small spaces. Your front entry is a great place to tackle for a redecorating project. Remove everything to give yourself a blank canvas. Add a new rug—inside and out—and a seasonal plant. Change the artwork and decorative accents in this space. A bathroom is also an easy place for a décor boost. Replace your accessories—from the towels and shower curtain to the soap dispenser.

·         Add more light. Winter brings shorter days and less sunlight—an essential source of vitamin D—which contributes to a wintry funk. Reflect the light you have by adding a mirror above your mantel or hanging a large mirror on the wall. Place lamps in darker areas of your home, and replace old lamp shades with something new!

·         Discover repositionable wallpaper. Removable wallpaper and decals let you create an accent space anywhere in your home, without the hassle of paste and the long-term commitment to a particular design. Just cut, peel, and stick. Change a room, a wall, a door, or even a backsplash.

·         Freshen the air. Comfort isn’t just a visual thing. Fragrance triggers emotions. Discover the power of aromatherapy with scented candles or essential oil diffusers. From your mood to your immune system, indoor air quality makes a big difference in battling the winter doldrums.

Don’t endure the winter months. Enjoy them by giving your home sweet home a little extra attention.