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All HOA fees are not created equal: What are you really paying for?

Posted by Nanette Overly  |  08.18.14

A Homeowners Association (HOA) charges a monthly fee intended to cover costs for the community—like trash and snow removal, and landscaping and maintenance in common areas, like the entryway, clubhouse, pool, playground, fitness center, and other recreational amenities available to all the residents. All HOA fees are not created equal though. The services that are covered will vary, so you need to be sure that you know what you’re getting—and, more importantly, what you’re not.

When Epcon Communities was founded in 1986, they wanted to build neighborhoods that truly met the needs of the residents. So, they extended the coverage of the HOA fee to include exterior maintenance of the individual properties, not just the common areas. They believed that relieving people of the drudgery of mowing lawns, tending to landscapes, and repairing driveways were a few of the tasks that detracted from the joys of homeownership—and so they included those services in the HOA fee.

For almost 30 years now, we’ve remained committed to the concept of a maintenance-free lifestyle that also provides the privacy and comfort of a single-family home. Epcon Communities’ HOA fees are defined by tasks like fertilizing and mowing lawns, weed control, landscaping upkeep, exterior building maintenance, driveway care, and trash and snow removal. The charges don’t accumulate in a profit center, but instead filter back to benefit every, single resident in our communities. We keep it reasonable and inclusive. Best of all, homeowners can pay the HOA fee with one check to cover the expenses, versus multiple checks for utilities and services.

Like other HOA fees, we also take care of street lighting, common areas, and water and sewer in many (but not all) communities. Our Epcon Communities property management teams proactively tend to the needs of the community and its residents. We continue to grow—now in 19 states—because more and more people recognize the true value we offer. Living in a single-family home without the hassle of tending to yard care allows more time to enjoy your leisure time. And isn’t that what your “Home, Sweet Home” should provide?

If you want to learn more about the Epcon Communities maintenance-free lifestyle, please contact us.


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Nanette Overly is vice president of sales and marketing services with Dublin, Ohio-based Epcon Communities, one of the leading developers and franchise operators of condominium developments nationwide. She can be reached at 614-761-1010, or via e-mail at noverly@epconcommunities.com.