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For fall decorating, bring the outdoors inside


Fall brings a different type of freshness. While spring signals new growth and the coming of summer, autumn is harvest time, the season of gathering and preparing for the winter ahead. Fall has its own palette of autumn colors that inspire seasonal decorating. While many of us tend to focus on Halloween decorations this time of year, why not take your cue from Mother Nature and use natural elements to celebrate the season instead?

For fall decorating, bring the outdoors inside. Use the pumpkins and other gourds as centerpieces, by the fireplace, on your staircase, and inside your entry. You can carve them, shave them (cut the outer layer without cutting through to the inside), and paint or stencil your pumpkins. Hollow them out to use as a vase or to hold a pot of fall mums or asters.

Branches and twigs bring a light, natural accent to any room. Suspend them horizontally from a curtain rod or hang them on the walls. Then drape white lights, garlands of autumn leaves, pine cones, or other natural accents across the branches. Be sure to check any branches or twigs for insects before bringing them inside.

If you’re lucky enough to have birch trees, you have a source for beautiful interior fall decorating. Cut some logs to different heights and perch them on your mantel. Hollow out a space to insert tealights or votive candles. Use the battery-operated type for safety.

Fill a bowl or hurricane lamp globe with a mixture of pinecones and acorns, and place it on your coffee table. Add a few drops of cinnamon scented oil for a hint of fall fragrance.

Send the kids outside to hunt for small twigs. Cut them to the same length and glue them to a jar or vase. Then, wrap a piece of twine or raffia as a finishing touch.

Even a vase of branches adds an outdoorsy touch to your interior. Decorating inspiration is all around you. Take a walk through the woods, visit a farmer’s market, and make a trip to a pumpkin patch or corn maze. Put some apple cider in the crockpot. And harvest the autumn colors for your home.