Epcon Communities

What makes Epcon homes great?


We believe that architecture is a form of art, but unlike art that you go to a museum to watch on the wall, our art form is art that you live in and enjoy every day. It's very special when it is art that performs at a very high level. We're particular, particular to involve visionary architects who can create a design that's unique and meets the customer's expectations better than any architecture before it. That's where we are today, we believe, with our very unique courtyard homes, our architecture that was based on market research that told us what today's generation of Baby Boomers really wants to have in their home. We took that market research, that data, and gave it to architects that were some of the best in the business in our country. It was given to them in narrative form, a 1,500 square foot home targeted to meet the needs of a widow. We know what a widow is expecting in her home because we ask her and the market research learned in great detail. That's a courtyard home that we gave to the architects and said "Design a home that meets all of these needs."

Then at the other end of the spectrum is a home for a young Boomer couple. They may be 55. The last kid just recently went to college. They're looking to enjoy life while they're still able to, travel more, lock the door and leave, have more fun, spend less time working around that house, buy a home that will allow them to live longer later in life - a home for the rest of their independent life. That home is much larger and includes altogether different features, and was designed by a different set of architects, but they were given a narrative page with design criteria just like the others.

Then there are homes in between. We address a great variety of needs of different Boomer buyers. We believe our architecture truly is visionary. It's pleasing to look at, and I believe it's fun to live in, as well as meeting the expectations of the customers for saying no steps and now mower, and a lot more. We have the strongest product in the marketplace, the strongest Boomer home designs in housing. No one has invested the time and money that we have in history to create such a small collection of homes. We believe the great return on our investment today is evidenced by all of the Boomers who are looking at other homes and buying ours.