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Tour The Epcon Promenade With Private Courtyard Video Transcript

Epcon Communities. Where life comes together.

There's a reason why Epcon Communities is ranked as the country's number one "For Sale Attached Home" builder.

Let's take a look.

We have some beautiful homes for you to tour.

Right now I'm in the kitchen of our "Promenade" model and this detached home is amazing. It provides you ample living space and I think one of the greatest things is the way that the rooms integrate to one another. You have a very large, spacious owners' suite; complete with a beautiful walk-in shower and bathroom.

But in addition, if you want guests to come over, they're going to be comfortable because they've got a great guestroom as well. We also have an office, if you're working from home or it can be a playroom for you if you just want to go in there to read a good book and relax a little bit.

But one of the crown jewels of this home is the courtyard.

Can you think of a better place to spend a quiet afternoon? I sure can't. These courtyards are spectacular and the greatest thing is: Every home comes equipped with their own private courtyard. So, you can call this space yours. Now, your home surrounds the courtyard. And what that does is it allows for light and views coming in from all the main living areas of your home.

And more than that: You can get to your courtyard from your owner's suite. So, imagine waking up in the morning and walking out to the courtyard, looking at the birds and the sun coming up. Nothing would be better. And then if you're entertaining, you can get to it from your great room as well.

So, don't miss this opportunity. Come on out. Do a little staycation celebrating with us.

To find a community nearest you, go to www.epconcommunities.com. Or call 1 (800) 783-3838. That's 1 (800) 783-3838.

Epcon Communities. Where Life Comes Together.

(Text on Screen]: Epcon Communities. Where Life Comes Together. epconcommunities.com. 1 (800) 783-3838