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Free Time and a Sense of Community Video Transcript

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The main reason that it appealed to me is that I'm retired now and my wife is still working. And in our previous house we had to spend weekends doing all the maintenance. You know: the outside gardening, trimming the hedges, mowing the lawns; doing whatever needed to be done outside. And we just had no time to spend together.

But now, I've got so much free time that I'm riding my bike a couple of hours a day and working out in our fitness center,  and I'm actually in better shape now than I was when I retired from the fire department.

I utilize the clubhouse all the time.One of the big reasons that I utilize it, I didn't really anticipate when we first moved here and that's the sense of community and the maintenance-free lifestyle that's opened up to everybody. We have a lot more time to hang out with some new friends and people are really good about planning events so that we have a lot to do all the time. 0

You know, I don't know anybody here who's not happy with living in this type of community. Like I said, it's opened up so much free time and that we really, really have a strong sense of community here.

My wife and I lived in our other house for 16 or 17 years and we didn't have that sense of community. And it's just really a great place to live.

[Text on Screen]: Epcon Communities.