Epcon Communities

Personalize Your Home

Enjoy a new home development with a personal touch: yours.

We are proud of our nearly three decades of experience building elegant homes to the highest degrees of craftsmanship. Such expertise has taught us how to architect innovative homes that are as low-maintenance as they are high-standard. All our blueprints begin with smart floor plans, high-quality materials, and signature features that defy convention. We then maximize comfort and convenience by accentuating key elements like soaring ceilings, large windows for abundant natural light, gourmet kitchens, oversized garages, and private, outdoor living spaces. Epcon homes are built to exceed your expectations in every way.

We believe, however, that amazing homes need more than a masterful design. They need your personal touch. That’s why all Epcon homes offer a plethora of customizable interior options. Whether you upgrade your owner’s bathroom to feature a walk-in spa shower or convert your third room into a den or sunroom, you have the flexibility and empowerment to create a home that is unique yours.