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Scenic Views and Natural Light Video Transcript

Epcon Communities. Where life comes together.

There's a reason why Epcon Communities is ranked as the country's number one "For Sale Attached Home" builder.

Let's take a look.

Well, hello and welcome to Epcon Communities. I am so excited to show you this home because this home is absolutely breathtaking.

This is our Palazzo.  It's one of our new detached homes, and one of the spectacular things about the Palazzo is the view from the minute you open the front door. You're looking right outside to your own private courtyard and it just goes on and on and on.

And you see your courtyard from literally every room in the home. So, this room isn't without a great view regardless of where you are. And not only that: If the view wasn't enough, and that would be enough to enjoy this home, you've got a wonderful kitchen that's complete for the gourmet cook inside you.

You have an owner's suite that is breathtaking; that is really spa-like. You're gonna feel like you're on vacation every day that you live here.

And then we have this wonderful space that you can just live, relax, read, entertain guests and just enjoy what staycation living is all about.

You know, Epcon Communities has a long been the number one For Sale Attached Home builder in the United States. So, we're thrilled to bring three detached homes to the marketplace and we are very excited to share them with you.

To find a community nearest you, go to www.epconcommunities.com. Or call 1 (800) 783-3838. That's 1 (800) 783-3838.

Epcon Communities. Where Life Comes Together

[Text on Screen]: Epcon Communities. Where Life Comes Together. epconcommunities.com. 1 (800) 783-3838