Quit “Stairing”! Is Single-Level Living Right for You?

Level with us. No, really! Life is so much more convenient with a luxury ranch home. Epcon Communities develops communities where residents experience more than a home. It’s a lifestyle. So, quit “stairing”! Think about it. Is single-level living right for you?

The long haul

Avoiding the stairs isn’t just an aging thing. People of all ages are showing a strong preference for single-level homes. Hauling heavy loads is cumbersome when you’re facing all those stairs. Even going up and down with loads of laundry (clean and dirty) is an extra chore. Some households have two vacuums—one for each floor—to avoid carrying it from one story to the other. How many times have you left something at the top or bottom of the stairs with the idea, “I’ll take it later”? Isn’t that a sign that the stairs are really not the right fit for you?

Also think about those times when you’re relaxing in your bedroom and want something from the kitchen. You’re probably more likely to make the short trip down the hall than down the stairs (and back again).

Don’t block the view!

Another reason homeowners are skipping the staircase is the obstacle it creates. It takes up space and divides an open floor plan that is otherwise so pleasing. With the right layout in a single-level home, you can see across the main living area. At Epcon Communities, many of our homes feature our signature courtyards, so there’s a view of your outdoor living space from just about anywhere. Imagine if that view was obstructed by a staircase?

What’s that noise?

Sound travels. It often travels upwards faster than across the home. Have you ever lived in a two-story home where your bedroom is above the living room? Could you hear the sounds below—conversations, music, the television? Or when you were downstairs, did you hear the heavy thumping of footsteps overhead?

A single-level home situates the bedrooms to the sides of the home, where sound is less likely to wander.

If you do windows…

Home maintenance is just easier when it’s all on one level. Washing windows doesn’t require a ladder. All of the plumbing, heating, and electrical systems are also limited to one floor, simplifying maintenance.

Speaking of home maintenance, when you choose to live in an Epcon community, much of the yard maintenance may no longer be your worry. You can use that extra time for more pleasing experiences.

Think about the way you want to live. If a ranch home fits your needs, take a look at Epcon Communities. There are Epcon Communities located around the country, in desirable locations from the Carolinas to Wisconsin. Browse our homes and tell us where your life will take you. You won’t need stairs to get there!