Right-Size Without Compromise: Fit Your Home to Your Life

Life changes. Kids grow up and move out—at least that’s how you planned it. At some point, you say “goodbye” to the working world—either completely or a little at a time. Maybe you take advantage of today’s technology and work from home. Wherever your life leads you—or you lead IT—make sure the place you’re living is keeping up with you. You can right-size without compromise. Fit your home to your life, not the other way around.

Don’t stick with the way it’s always been. That’s not keeping up with changes in your needs. The empty bedrooms may no longer be necessary—or at least not as many of them. And the two-story home you’ve had all these years might be getting cumbersome. Have you had moments where you wanted something from the other level and decided it just wasn’t worth the effort of going up or down the stairs? That’s a definite sign that your home no longer fits your life.

Ever since Epcon Communities first began building homes more than 30 years ago, the emphasis has been on serving our homeowner’s lifestage needs. We’ve earned the recognition as one of the nation’s premier builders of luxury ranch homes by doing things a little differently. Today’s maturing home buyers are not heading toward the same homes as their parents and grandparents did. They want to stay in their homes longer, to keep living their best life. It’s not about slowing down, but changing gears.

The right choice for your next home should reflect that reality.

At Epcon Communities, we’ve always believed in right-size without compromise. You don’t need to downsize to the point of feeling cramped. You might not need to reduce your living space at all, if that’s not your choice. You just need it to live better. You also shouldn’t give up the comforts that are meaningful to you, like having family and friends close by or room to enjoy your hobbies.

Right-sizing may also motivate you to purge the excesses in your life. Go through the boxes that have spent years collecting dust in your attic, basement, and garage. Get real about what matters and re-home the rest. It’s a freeing experience to let go of the burdensome boxes. In the end, you surround yourself with memories that matter, not countless clutter that just fills space without adding value. You might also uncover treasures in the stashes that you want to bring back into your daily life.

Our single-level homes range from 1,519 to nearly 3,000 square feet with two to four bedrooms. With so many choices, you’re sure to find the space that’s right for you. By adding an optional second-floor bonus suite, you’ll have a perfect space for guests, a hobby studio, home office, or other pursuits. How would you use it?

And what would you do with a private courtyard? Our outdoor living spaces are integrated with the rest of the home, affording you a wonderful view, whether you’re inside or out.

With Epcon Communities located throughout the country, you might be able to find your new home closer than you think. Or you can make your way closer to friends or family who have moved away. We often see families coming back together when they move to an Epcon community.

Life is as good as you make it. What will you make of yours? We invite you to explore the right-sizing of your life. Take a look at our homes and then let’s talk about the ideal fit for you.