Low-Maintenance Lifestyle: How Much is Your Time Worth?

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Have you ever been mowing the lawn, edging, or pulling weeds, and thought, “I have better things to do with my time”? There are just so many hours in the day, and particularly as you reach or near retirement, the value of that time increases. When you put your working years behind, you want to use your free time for more pleasurable pursuits. Living a low-maintenance lifestyle would allow you to reduce chores and increase fun.

Ask Yourself, How Much Is Your Time Worth?

Let’s start with lawn care. For the majority of the year, you probably tend to your lawn every week. At least four times per year you fertilize it. You might also have to treat weeds and pests. Add in the cost of the equipment and supplies to keep your lawn looking great.

Now, what if you could erase all the time and cost because you’ve chosen to live a low-maintenance lifestyle (also known as “lock and leave”)? Imagine not having to wake up in the morning and groan about getting up to spread mulch.

Wouldn't it be great if that and other exterior maintenance was handled, too? These might all sound like occasional tasks but add it up. It’s not just the actual time spent doing those chores, but also thinking about them (and making excuses to postpone them).

Now, think about more enjoyable things to do with your free time in retirement.

  • Visit with friends and family. Near or far, make plans to spend time with the people who make your life happier.
  • Volunteer for a cause that’s close to your heart. Your local library, hospital, senior center, animal shelter, or church could probably use volunteers. Also, check out your local United Way to see the non-profit organizations that welcome help.
  • Pursue a hobby. Search the websites of your local art guild, craft stores, home and garden centers, or other sources that might offer classes (or guide you to those who do). The Reluctant Gourmet can help you find local cooking classes.
  • Take a class to broaden your knowledge. Check out your local library, high school, community college, university, or continuing education center. You can also explore online learning.
  • Reconnect with old friends. Search on Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, or
  • Explore different places and experiences. Your opportunities could be as simple as sampling a new cuisine or trying yoga or as adventurous as parasailing, ziplining, or skydiving (try indoor skydiving for a gentle introduction).

Your time is valuable. Put it to good use so that you enjoy every minute of it. If you’re looking for a low-maintenance lifestyle, consider Epcon Communities. We offer single-level living in beautifully designed homes, often with a wide range of amenities and exterior maintenance included in your HOA fees. Give yourself back time in your day for fun.

Contact us to learn more about Epcon Communities in an area near you and how you can enjoy the benefits of a low-maintenance lifestyle.