What's the Best Month to Sell Your Home?

best month to sell your home

One of the most common questions that REALTORS get asked is, “When is the best time to sell my home?” There are benefits to many seasons and months. It also depends on where you live. But a recent study reports that if you’re asking, what is the best month to sell your home, you’d better hurry to seize the opportunity for peak homebuying season.

The Best Month To Sell Your Home

According to ATTOM Data Solutions, May and June top the list in most metropolitan markets. The property data firm studied 14.7 million condo and single-family home sales that occurred between 2011 and 2017. Their analysis showed that homes sold in May sold at 5.9% above market value. June came in a close second with an average 5.8% premium. ATTOM Data Solutions even drilled their data down to the best day of the year to sell a home, according to their research: On June 28, sellers achieved a premium of 9.1% above market value.

The next four dates of the “Top 5 Smartest Days to Sell” show a definite trend toward the best home-selling season:

#2. February 15: 9.0%

#3. May 31: 8.3%

#4. May 29: 8.2%

#5. June 21: 8.1%

Two of the dates fall on or around Memorial Day Weekend, the official kick-off to the summer, so you can see that people are committing to a summer move. The June 21 date falls soon after school lets out when homebuyers can focus more on the home search.

February 15? Does a Valentine’s Day proposal come with a new home? More likely, it’s a reflection of snowbirds buying their new nest in popular, sunny locales, like Florida, Texas, and Hilton Head, South Carolina.

Is Location a Factor?

If you follow the Atlantic Coast, from New England through Virginia and the Carolinas, you’ll see a pattern of homes selling at a premium in May and June. Another section of the country where home sellers do well in May and June are the central states of Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Wisconsin.

Have you been procrastinating about selling your home and making the move to a new one? This data shows that you’d better get moving right away to reap the rewards of an active market of home buyers.

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