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Zero-Entry Homes Are Gaining Popularity with Home Buyers

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Zero-entry homes are gaining popularity with home buyers of all ages. While zero-entry, sometimes called zero-step entry, homes have always been popular with 55+ home buyers, the ease of accessibility between inside and outside spaces is becoming more mainstream. Using gentle inclines and minimal thresholds at exterior doors allows easier access into and out of the home for people of any age.

Important Zero-Entry Areas for Accessibility

Front Door

Having a zero-entry front door is ideal for easy access into your home for those over 55, young children, or anyone that has an injury or disability that requires crutches or a wheelchair. It can also make moving into your home much easier and safer, especially when moving large, heavy furniture as it allows the use of a furniture dolly from the moving truck through to your home’s interior.

Patio Doors

Patio doors are another great place for zero-entry access. Having no steps to a patio, courtyard or deck makes it easier and safer to move between indoor and outdoor spaces and incorporate them into your daily lifestyle. Whether you’re entertaining or just relaxing in private, having zero-entry access from the main living area of your home to an outdoor space makes your home much more versatile and enjoyable.

Between Garage and Home

Most of us have tried carrying too many items from the car into the house to avoid a second trip. Between too many bags of groceries and navigating steps, this can be difficult, if not dangerous. With zero-entry access between your garage and home, you can avoid an accident and a possible trip to the hospital. You could even keep a small cart in the garage and move everything from the car into the house easily and safely with minimal effort.

Main Shower

Even if you’re not getting close to retirement or considering the difficulties of getting older, people of all ages have been injured getting in or out of a bath or shower. Having a curbless shower for zero-entry access reduces the chance of injury and makes getting in and out of the shower a breeze.

Zero-Entry Homes Are Gaining Popularity

Zero-entry homes are gaining popularity with home buyers in part because they fulfill some important aspects of universal design which has become more mainstream over the last decade. Some of these include making things useable regardless of ability, minimizing the potential for hazard and low physical effort required for living. Universal design in home building is being used to make homes more accessible to everyone regardless of age or disability and zero-entry features are a vital part of that.

Safer Living

According to the CDC, three million older people are treated in emergency departments each year for fall injuries. The National Council on Aging reports that 60% of falls happen in the home. With these statistics, making sure your home is as safe as possible against fall hazards is vitally important, especially if you are over 65.

It may not be possible to eliminate everything that could cause a fall in your home but zero-entry access at all exterior doors and into the main shower can go a long way toward making your home safer for those of all ages, especially older people and young children.

Planning for the Future

Buying or building a single-level home with zero-entry means you can live in your home through retirement without having to worry about your knees giving out or falling down a flight of stairs. There are a great selection of floor plans for aging in place. They can include wider doorways and minimal or no steps between indoor and outdoor areas. Being able to easily access indoor and outdoor spaces as you age can make all the difference in how you feel about your home and your life as you age.

Epcon Communities

Epcon Communities has been building homes and communities designed with 55+ home buyers in mind for over 35 years. The fact that zero-entry homes are gaining popularity with home buyers isn’t a surprise to us as we are ahead of the curve on features that help accessibility, safety and ease of living.

Most of our luxury single-level homes offer options for no steps between inside and outside areas and curbless entry showers. They also can have wide interior hallways and doorways and a central courtyard that’s viewable from the main living areas of your home. Our communities are designed to bring people together with amenities and activities that provide a variety of options for your lifestyle.

If you are interested in zero-entry homes and other features and options to personalize a new home for your lifestyle, contact us to learn more about the benefits we offer and where we build.

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