Baby Boomers are Not Following Their Grandparents’ Retirement Trends

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The Baby Boomer generation has never lived like their parents or grandparents. The majority of the 78 million people born between 1946 and 1964 have reached retirement age, but their retirement lifestyle will be just as unique. Baby Boomers are not following their grandparents’ retirement trends in a variety of ways.

Aging in place is both preferred and possible

When the Silent Generation that preceded Baby Boomers retired, they lived at home until safety issues made it difficult. Then they moved to nursing homes. Today’s retirees are living longer and often healthier than their elders. They’ve purchased or renovated their homes to allow them to stay there longer. Features like first-floor owner’s suite, wider entries, flat thresholds, zero entry showers, door levers instead of knobs, grab bars, and rocker light switches make this possible.

Baby Boomers aren’t ready to slow down

Retirement used to mean taking it easy—sitting back and shifting to a more sedentary lifestyle. Baby Boomers have never taken it slow or easy, and they’re not going to change that behavior pattern when they retire. Boomers are looking to live in places that are close to activities, whether within their own active adult community or close to their home. They want swimming pools, fitness centers, and classes that welcome the 55+ generation. They seek out interesting activities to explore. Don’t be surprised to see Boomers at an indoor skydiving center or ziplining down a mountain.

Outdoor living space is a must

Whether retired or not, Baby Boomers relish the fresh air. These active people will entertain, cook, relax, and play in their finished outdoor spaces. They want homes with an outdoor living space—a patio, deck, lanai, courtyard, or porch. And it must be more than a small space with a rocking chair like their parents had.

What’s hip for the young is appealing for the Boomers

While people often associate tech-savviness with younger generations, the Baby Boomers are young enough to have lived through the revolution that evolved from dial-up Internet connections and flip phones. They’re comfortable with smartphones, tablets, streaming video, and social media. They already own homes where they integrate smart technology, while the Millennials are either still renting or living with their Baby Boomer or Generation X parents. Don’t under-estimate a Boomer’s knowledge of technology. They have the interest, intelligence, and financial ability to dive into any aspect they want.

Early birds can keep their worms

Older generations enjoyed the dining specials for Early Birds, but today’s 55+ population isn’t nibbling. You’re more likely to see Baby Boomers dining at fine restaurants (because they can afford to pamper themselves), craft breweries (because they appreciate artisanal quality), and the best-kept dining secrets in town (because they appreciate great food that often comes in the most surprising venues).

Boomers can afford to live well in retirement

According to a recent report by the U.S. Census Bureau, people who are age 65 or older reflect the lowest poverty rate of any population group in the country, and 81% own homes. Baby Boomers have more opportunities for an active, healthy, and enjoyable retirement than their parents and grandparents experienced. Given that opportunity, what would you do with it?

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