Choosing the Best Retirement Location for Your Lifestyle

Best Retirement Location for Your Lifestyle

Retirement heralds a time of transformation for most people. Choosing the best retirement location for your lifestyle gives you a chance to redefine your living environment to match your aspirations and live the life you truly desire.

Choosing the Best Retirement Location for Your Lifestyle

If you’re nearing retirement, or have already retired, you may be planning on staying put in your home and familiar community. However, it’s worth considering what your life will look like in 10 or 20 years to make sure your current home will work for you through retirement.

You could stay in the same city but find a single-level home or move into a 55+ community, if available, to take advantage of the amenities and built-in social opportunities. Otherwise, if you don’t have everything you want and need in your current location, it might be worth considering the advantages of exploring other locations.

Keeping expenses and taxes as low as possible may be a top priority for those who have limited retirement funds. Whereas those with medical issues will want to be close to the best medical facilities and physicians. Another important consideration for many retirees is living closer to their kids and grandkids to be more involved in their lives.

Some of the big location considerations for most people when choosing a retirement location:

  • Proximity to Family
  • Cost of Living and Taxes
  • Available Healthcare Options
  • Climate and Lifestyle Preferences
  • Local Activities and Amenities
  • Safety and Environmental Factors
  • Availability of 55+ Communities

It’s worth making a list of location considerations and scoring each item by importance in making the decision of where to retire.

Proximity to Family

Living close to family in retirement has immeasurable benefits. Creating cherished memories through shared holidays, the joy of impromptu visits, and the support network that only relatives can provide.   Residing near your children and grandchildren allows you to be an integral part of their lives and participate in important milestones, regular activities and spontaneous gatherings. This closeness also provides mutual support as you’re available to lend a hand when needed, and they’re nearby to assist you as you navigate your golden years.

Cost of Living and Taxes

If you’ve been dreaming about your favorite vacation destination as the ideal place to retire, you might find that you don’t enjoy living there full-time. Tourist destinations and areas with high-demand amenities often come with a higher cost of living, which can stretch retirement budgets. They are also generally more expensive in terms of healthcare, housing, dining and entertainment.

For most people, the affordability of a chosen retirement destination is paramount. This not only includes housing costs but also the price of daily essentials, entertainment and healthcare services. Property and income tax can also take a significant bite out of your retirement savings.

Consider locations with no state income tax, lower property taxes or exemptions for seniors, which can provide significant savings. Some states offer favorable tax policies for retirees, including exemptions on Social Security benefits, pensions and other retirement income. Investigating tax implications in your desired retirement location can be as important as choosing a location with the right climate.

Available Healthcare Options

As healthcare needs typically increase with age, proximity to quality medical facilities becomes a critical factor. Researching areas with renowned hospitals, specialists, and senior-friendly health services will ensure you have access to the best care without the need to travel extensively.

Don’t forget to include in your search dental, eye care, physical therapy, and other health services that you might require regularly.

Climate and Lifestyle Preferences

Climate plays a substantial role in everyday comfort and well-being. Some retirees dream of warm, sunny climates, while others prefer four distinct seasons or a cooler environment. Your climate preference should align with your health needs and lifestyle aspirations, whether that means year-round golfing conditions or hitting the slopes come winter.

Local Activities and Amenities

Amenities such as parks, beaches, shopping, restaurants, golfing, cultural events, senior classes or whatever your main interests are, can add richness to your life. According to the National Council on Aging, “Older adults who participate in senior center programs experience better psychological well-being across several measures compared to non-participants…”. Moreover, living in a community where these amenities are within easy reach can minimize the need for long drives and increase your independence as you age.

Safety and Environmental Factors

The safety of your chosen locale impacts peace of mind, while air quality and other environmental factors can affect health, particularly for those with respiratory and other health issues. Researching crime rates and environmental data can help you find a location where you can feel secure and breathe easy.

Availability of 55+ Communities

For some, moving to a 55+ community might check all the boxes. These planned environments cater to retirees looking for a mix of social interaction, recreation, and convenience. They often provide resort-style amenities, single-level homes made for aging in place and a community of like-minded peers to share this new phase of life.

Selecting a retirement destination is a personal journey that should be navigated with a detailed map of your priorities and preferences. From the desire to be near grandchildren to the practicality of affordable living and healthcare access, each factor plays a pivotal role in scripting your retirement story. Climate preferences, safety considerations and the inclination for local amenities will further color your decision. With thoughtful consideration, your retirement location can serve as the backdrop for a vibrant and fulfilling chapter of life.

Epcon Communities

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