Quit “Stairing”! Is Single-Level Living Right for You?

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Single-level homes offer a variety of advantages that appeal to homeowners of all ages, from young families to retirees. These homes, characterized by having all living spaces on one level, provide practical benefits that range from accessibility to easier maintenance. So, quit “stairing”! Think about it. Is single-level living right for you?

The long haul

Avoiding the stairs isn’t just an aging thing. People of all ages are showing a strong preference for single-level homes. Hauling heavy loads is cumbersome when you’re facing all those stairs. Even going up and down with loads of laundry (clean and dirty) is an extra chore. Some households have two vacuums—one for each floor—to avoid carrying it from one story to the other. How many times have you left something at the top or bottom of the stairs with the idea, “I’ll take it later”? That’s a sign that the stairs are not the right fit for you.

Also, think about those times when you’re relaxing in your bedroom and want something from the kitchen. You’re probably more likely to make the short trip down the hall than down the stairs (and back again).

Don’t block the view!

Another reason homeowners are skipping the staircase is the obstacle it creates. It takes up space and divides an open floor plan that is otherwise so pleasing. With the right layout in a single-level home, you can see across the main living area. Imagine if that view was obstructed by a staircase.

What’s that noise?

Sound travels. It often travels upwards faster than across the home. Have you ever lived in a two-story home where your bedroom is above the living room? Could you hear the sounds below—conversations, music, the television? Or when you were downstairs, did you hear the heavy thumping of footsteps overhead?

A single-level home situates the bedrooms to the sides of the home, where sound is less likely to wander.

If you do windows…

Home maintenance is just easier when it’s all on one level. Washing windows doesn’t require a ladder. All of the plumbing, heating and electrical systems are also limited to one floor, simplifying maintenance.

Energy Efficiency

Single-level homes can be more energy-efficient compared to two-story houses. With proper design, these homes can maintain consistent heating and cooling levels as there’s no heat rising to upper floors or cool air settling in a basement. This can lead to savings on energy bills, especially in climates with extreme temperatures.

Better for Evacuations

In case of an emergency, such as a fire, evacuating a single-level home is often safer and quicker than a multi-level home. This can provide a critical advantage in ensuring the safety of all household members, especially at night or for those with mobility challenges.

Versatile Design Options

Single-level homes offer great flexibility in design and layout. Open floor plans are easier to achieve in ranch styles, promoting a flow of spaces that is both aesthetically pleasing and functionally advantageous. This openness facilitates social interaction and can make small spaces feel larger and more integrated.

Enhanced Outdoor Connectivity

Many single-level homes are designed with an emphasis on maximizing outdoor living spaces. Patios, gardens and backyard decks are often more seamlessly integrated with the main living areas, enhancing the home’s connection with its surroundings and making outdoor entertainment easier.

Resale Value

While the resale value of a home can depend on many factors, single-level homes often have broad market appeal. Young families, middle-aged buyers, and seniors can all appreciate the benefits of single-level living. With millions of Baby Boomers retiring each year, there will continue to be a high demand for single-level homes making it easier and faster to sell your home should you ever need to.

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