Your Private, Courtyard Oasis is Waiting. How Will You Decorate It?

your private courtyard oasis

Your home is your escape from the rest of the world, the private place where you can just relax when the spirit moves you. But where do you go when you want to stay home but need another escape? Your outdoor living space—a bona fide outside room (albeit one without walls) that’s comfortably furnished and accessorized to give you the “ahhh” moments you need. When you live in many of the home models Epcon offers, your private courtyard oasis will be waiting. It will be part of the home we build for you. So, how will you decorate it?

Decorating Your Outdoor Living Space

Approach your outdoor living space decorating just as you would any other room in your home. You want easy flow with traffic patterns (the placement of you furniture), a color palette that pleases you, and decorative accents that complete the space.

Choose Your Personal Theme

Also, like your indoor decor, you choose a theme. Close your eyes and envision the experience you want when you’re sitting in your courtyard. Is it an English country garden where you’re surrounded by blooming plants and cascading vines, where you can sip your tea or coffee from a china cup? Do you see a contemporary space with sleek lines, minimalist decor, and well-chosen cushion accents? Coastal, cabin, farmhouse, traditional, contemporary, and French country are just a few ideas to spark your decorating creativity. Maybe your theme is simply the colors you love!

Plan Your Layout

Start by choosing your focal point. Do you have a favorite chair, a dining set, or even an outdoor rug that excites you? Your focal point could be as simple as a planter or as eye-catching as a water feature or fire pit. Whatever it is, choose one piece and start from there. This item will influence everything else you place in your courtyard, so be sure you’re in love with the choice.

Add Color

A private courtyard is the perfect place to exercise your green thumb. Flowers, vegetables, and herbs grow well in containers, making them easy to care for. Depending on your decorating style, you can shape your backyard garden to your liking. Do you thrive on symmetry? Choose matching planters, or at least coordinate the colors and keep the styles consistent. Or go for eclectic with a blend of vibrant colors, textures, sizes, and shapes. Keep your garden well contained or fill the space, using the floors while also hanging planters and flower boxes.

Epcon Communities

At Epcon Communities, we recognize the importance of outdoor living space, so we designed many of our single-family homes around a garden courtyard. It’s the center of the homes, combining the fresh air experience and privacy. We’ve created these floor plans so you can see your courtyard from just about any space inside your home—and vice versa. It’s like an extension of the open floor plan, where you stay connected with what’s happening.

When you’re ready to right-size your life, do it in style. We have communities around the country—with more coming! Choose the floor plan that fits your lifestyle—single-level or two-story—with home designs from 1,300 to nearly 3,000 square feet. Epcon Communities has been ranked as one of the best places to retire and our courtyard homes are just one of the reasons for this accolade. Browse our exceptional homes and locations. Then contact Epcon Communities to experience your own oasis.