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Take Control of Your Life. Live Where You Want!


Does it feel like life has spiraled out of control? Everything we’ve had to deal with in 2020 has created a mountain of uncertainty. No one knows what’s coming, and it certainly doesn’t do you any good to look back with regret. Take back control of your life, beginning with your home. Live where—and how—you want!

Maybe you’ve been feeling trapped at home. That’s completely the opposite of the experience your home should provide. So, ask yourself, “why do I feel stuck?”

Look at Your Surroundings

Can you look in any direction and see something that makes you smile? Is it cluttered with things you’ve accumulated and don’t give much thought to anymore? Your home should be a constant reminder of who you are, a space with comforts. It doesn’t matter whether you prefer minimalist or love big bursts of colors and plenty of “stuff”. Surround yourself with satisfying and gratifying pieces of your life.

It might help to shake things up. Move furnishings around—furniture, decor, wall art, and rugs. Shop from one room for items to place in another area. A little change might be all you need.


Use Your Power to Choose

Remember that life is short, and compromise may not be the solution to happiness. Give yourself what you want—and make yourself a priority. You have control of your comforts. You have the power to choose. 

Stop looking at limits in your life. Change your perspective and look at opportunities. 

  • Instead of dwelling about the places you can’t go, look for place where you can go. Search out local businesses that are open, like restaurants with outdoor eating areas or open air markets, places that you’ve never taken the time to check out or perhaps didn’t even know they existed. There might be a local Facebook page where people share their experiences and reviews of these businesses.
  • Explore areas that might give you the lifestyle you’ve been dreaming about. Do you have a bucket list? If not, don’t wait. Start one. If you already have it, dig in and learn more. Think about the possibility of moving to a place on your list. Don’t let negative thinking cloud your decision-making. That perspective might be costing you joy!
  • About that bucket list…as you work on it, think about the activities you enjoy and how you can have more of them in your life. If you love long, leisurely walks, what do you like to look at during your wandering—e.g., a lake or ocean, beach, woods, country scenery, or urban landscapes? Where should you live to have that opportunity on a steady basis? Are you an avid golfer, tennis player, swimmer, or maybe a pickleball player? How are you indulging those passions right now? You need to live where you can experience the activities that bring you happiness.
  • Are you missing family or friends? By choosing a place to live that is closer to them, you can be with the people who are truly important in your life. Don’t let the years slip by while you postpone your decision to move. The kids are growing up while you’re just thinking about it. The same goes for special friends. Think about how much quality they bring to your life. 

Change Uncertainty to Certainty

If we learned anything this year, we have certainly discovered the importance of not taking things for granted. Live your life to the fullest. Seize the opportunities that are within your reach.

Epcon Communities invites you to take a closer look at the freedom and quality our homes and communities offer. The “lock and leave” lifestyle of our communities around the country gives homeowners more time for fun. And the community amenities make it convenient to be active and safely social. Take a look at our award-winning, beautiful new homes and then reach out to take the next step toward living the life you want.

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