The New Face of Independent Living

The worldwide COVID-19 pandemic has underscored the importance of choosing the right place to live as you’re transitioning out of the workforce and into a new phase in your life. With visitors prohibited from senior living facilities, many residents have realized that this choice was far too restrictive, particularly when combined with the high cost of living in such a community. As a result, we’re now seeing the new face of independent living start to take shape.

Recently, one of our Epcon Communities in Columbus, OH, welcomed buyers who were residing in the independent section of a life plan community. A life plan community provides a continuum of living options, from independent living to assisted living to skilled care. They soon found out they needed permission to go to the grocery store. In addition, no visitors were allowed in their homes. These seniors had lost their independence. They felt stuck and realized they were paying far too much to live in this type of community when they had many years of active retirement ahead of them.

The solution for them—and many others in this situation—is a community where they own their home and have all the freedoms associated with ownership but without the onus of taking care of the lawn.

At many Epcon Communities, exterior landscape maintenance is included. Our “lock and leave” lifestyle means that when you head out for a trip, you can travel with the confidence that your yard will look just as pristine when you return. And, in these close-knit communities, it’s easy to find someone to keep an eye on your home, your plants, and anything else that might need tending to in your absence.

We don’t typically restrict visitors, with or without a pandemic. Although some other builders have restrictions about children using the community’s amenities, such as the swimming pool, and how long your visitors can stay, that’s not what you’ll typically experience as an Epcon Communities homeowner. We offer an appealing alternative to independent living, a quality lifestyle among friends and locations that keep you close to your family.

Today, more than ever, you need to find the comfort in your own home and the freedom to live well every day. Consider the benefits of living in an Epcon community. Our beautiful neighborhoods are located around the country. Find a home that fits the way you want to live.

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