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Michigan: Lakes, Beaches, and Life in the Midwest

The American Midwest often fails to receive the credit it’s due. At the end of the day, it’s one of the best places you could choose to live. The region boasts a thriving, colorful culture and a fascinating history. You’ll find all sorts of things to do and, best of all, interesting and charming people to meet and know. If the idea of retiring in the Midwest appeals to you, here are some reasons why Michigan, in particular, is worth considering:

1. Visit the beach and its talented sands. Perhaps surprisingly, Michigan features a number of beaches—thousands of miles’ worth, to be precise. In Grand Haven, the beaches even sing! As you walk along their shining sands, the grains whistle out, creating a beautiful “singing” effect.

2. You’ll be closer to the Great Lakes. Data expounds that Michiganders are always, at maximum, about 85 miles from the Great Lakes. The state is surrounded by four of the five Great Lakes—Lake Superior, Lake Erie, Lake Michigan, and Lake Huron—as well as Lake Saint Clair. This is especially significant since the Great Lakes supply one-fifth of the world’s surface freshwater. It may serve as no wonder that fishing is one of Michigan’s major industries!

3. It features a rich history. Explorers first contacted the state in the year 1620, when Étienne Brulé arrived at its shores. It began official European settlement in 1660 when missionaries set up Keweenaw Way. It received its first permanent settlement in 1668. While the French maintained control of the state throughout much of its early years, British rule took over in 1763, following the close of the French and Indian War. It then went to America in 1783.

4. Take advantage of its agricultural diversity. Michigan produces all kinds of crops, which may make weekly grocery trips quite the adventure! Some of the state’s most notable crops include potatoes, corn, sugar beets, wheat, and soybeans. It also produces quite a lot of milk. On the livestock side, Michigan’s well-known for its chickens, sheep, hogs, and cattle. Fruit lovers will appreciate Michigan’s abundant and high-quality peaches, blueberries, grapes, apples, and tart cherries. You’ll be amazed at what you’ll be able to find while you shop!

5. Spend your winters skiing. Michigan can become quite snowy in the winter. As such, the state offers over 4,000 miles of trails for you to ride on with your snowmobile. It also boasts 40 different ski resorts for you to visit and hit the slopes. It may just become your new favorite winter pastime!

If the idea of living in a culturally and geographically diverse state appeals to you, consider spending your retirement years in Michigan.