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Best US Housing Markets for New Homes

best US housing markets for new homes

Determining the best US housing markets for new homes isn’t just about the cost of new homes in the area. Other factors that should be taken into consideration are easy access to cultural and entertainment venues, high-quality medical facilities, parks and recreational areas as well as safety and climate information.

If you buy a home in one of the least expensive housing markets in the US, you may find you don’t have access to many of the things you need and want to take care of your health and live a fulfilling life. And if the local economy isn’t growing, you may have a hard time selling your home if you decide to make a move to a city with more of what you’re looking for.

On the other hand, buying a home in an area with a high cost of living, especially for housing, can limit your ability to save money for retirement and deal with unexpected expenses.

While employment opportunities are often better in large metropolitan areas like New York, Chicago, Seattle and Los Angeles, more people are working from home since the pandemic hit in 2020. This has made it possible for many people to move to smaller metro areas while continuing to make a higher salary based on where their employer is located. Thus, making it affordable to buy a new home where they would not have been able to before.

Best US Housing Markets for New Homes

While housing affordability and the overall cost of living aren’t the only factors to consider when looking for a great place to buy a new home, they will most likely be at or near the top of the list.

Coming in at number five in the 2022 Zonda Affordability Ratio chart is Columbus, OH, home to Epcon Communities’ main offices located in the suburb of Dublin. Epcon Communities specializes in building homes and communities in affordable markets around the country popular with 55+ active adult home buyers.

Epcon Communities locations mentioned in the ZAR chart’s top 25 are:

  • #5 – Columbus, OH
  • #12 – Atlanta, GA (coming soon)
  • #15 – Charlotte, NC
  • #17 – Raleigh, NC
  • #21 – Nashville, TN (coming soon)

Rob Krohn, Epcon’s VP of Marketing, pointed out that, “Our corporate markets are popular and viable alternatives for people looking to leave more expensive areas of the country to relocate somewhere more affordable that still has everything they want in a community”.

Important Things for Everyday Life

When weighing options about where to buy a new home, it’s important to make sure that the area you are considering has everything you need and want, not just the lowest home prices. Does the city you’re considering moving to have your favorite stores and types of restaurants? If you move to a small town, how far will you have to drive to find the stores where you like to shop? These may seem like small things compared to the price of housing, but not having them close by can end up making a big difference over time.

Access to Desirable Local Amenities

Whether you enjoy golf, sporting events, swimming, fishing, nature walks, arts and music, theater, fine dining, all the above, or anything else, having the amenities you love close by can make a huge difference in your lifestyle and general enjoyment of daily life.

Proximity to Family and Friends

There’s nothing more important than spending time with family and friends especially as you get older.

If you move to an area that’s further than an easy drive from family and friends, you’ll want to be relatively close to a major airport to make it easier for family and friends to visit. Being within an hour’s drive from an airport that offers regular flights to many destinations will make traveling during retirement easier for you as well.


Feeling safe in your home and community is paramount to enjoying your life and retirement. If you are planning to move to a new area, it’s worth checking the crime statistics to get an idea of how they compare to where you currently live. Bear in mind that crime rates can vary significantly even from neighborhood to neighborhood in most cities.

Buying a new home in a safe community with neighbors that watch out for each other will make a big difference in how safe you feel in your new home.

Climate and Weather

Many people are inclined to move to a warmer climate when they retire or just prefer a warm sunny beach life and all that comes with that. Others prefer cooler climates or living in the foothills or mountains. If you’re considering moving to a climate that is different than what you are used to, it’s a good idea to spend some time in the area to make sure you will be happy living there before you make any final decisions.

Social Opportunities

Having opportunities for supportive social engagement makes life more fun and less stressful. If you are looking at homes in a new area and are over 55, learn the most important things to look for in a 55+ community where there are usually organized activities and social opportunities that make it easy to meet new friends and feel like you belong.

Your Future Needs

If you are planning on staying in your new home through retirement, the quality of local healthcare, assisted living, and other senior services will be an important aspect of your life as you age. Make sure to check the quality of local medical, dental, vision, hearing, and senior care facilities which are reasonably close by, so you’ll have the services you need as you age.

Epcon Communities

Epcon Communities builds in some of the best US housing markets for new homes making it easy to find the perfect home, community and amenities to fit your lifestyle. Our luxury single-family homes offer floorplans from 1,300 to over 3,000 square feet with 2-4 bedrooms and many of our communities include resort-style amenities.

Another advantage of buying an Epcon home is many of our communities include landscaping and snow removal covered by the HOA. This gives you more time to enjoy doing what you love like visiting friends and family.

We design our communities to be the perfect size for easily meeting and making new friends. Living near good friends allows you to travel without worrying about your home while you’re away whether you’re off visiting family or traveling the world.

Contact us for expert advice on buying or building your new dream home. Discover the benefits we offer and how the advantages of living in an Epcon community can give you more time to enjoy what’s most important in your life!

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