Falling Out of Love With Your Home?

It happens. The romance fades. Sometimes, spending too much time together wears away at a relationship. You’re not alone though. It’s happening more than you think. You’re one of many people who are falling out of love with their home.

There was a time when you just wanted to be home, relaxing in your personal oasis. Think back to things like sitting in traffic on the way to work or to go shopping, crawling along with all the other commuters. You thought to yourself, it would have been great to have stayed at home, comfy in pajamas all day. That was a heavenly image, wasn’t it?

Well, as they say, be careful what you wish for!

With the current situation, you’re most likely one of millions of Americans who have been ordered home in an effort to contain the spread of the COVID-19 virus. That means you got your wish. You CAN lounge around in your pajamas, sweat pants, or mom jeans, and that t-shirt reserved only for weekends at home.

You might also be uncovering a few things you previously hadn’t noticed—or purposely ignored—from all this togetherness.

It was perfectly fine before to sit on the couch or at the dining room table to get things done. It was occasional, so the lack of a dedicated home office or working space wasn’t a big deal.

How do you feel about that now? Are you frustrated with having to escape to your bedroom and sit on your bed to work or get things accomplished? Is it a daily challenge to have a video conference without worrying about your dog barking or someone wandering in and out of the room?

Maybe you’re not working, but you’d like extra room to pursue your hobbies. It would be great to leave all your supplies and tools in one place, rather than unpack them every time you want to jump in on a project.

With the current situation, you might be yearning for more storage space to stash more stuff (like a six-month supply of toilet paper). A bigger pantry perhaps? How about space in your garage to accommodate a second refrigerator or freezer for those “just in case” extras?

Most of all, are you finally tired enough of going up and down the stairs countless times a day? Single-level living might be looking pretty good to you right now.

Breaking Up With Your Home

Life happens. And you might have gone as far as you can with your current home. If it’s time to move on, consider the many benefits of living in one of the Epcon Communities around the country. These friendly neighborhoods are designed to nurture a relaxed lifestyle that is balanced with a variety of community amenities to stay as active as you want.

The single-family homes range from 1,300 to over 3,000 square feet, so you can certainly find the perfect match. Your home also includes a private outdoor space that has sparked many a homeowner to fall in love with the layout.

While you’re at home trying to make the most of it, maybe you can find your new love online at Browse our communities, floor plans, and move-in ready homes. Then reach out and let’s get started on a future you can really embrace.