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To Build or Not to Build—Is That the Question?

You’re convinced that now is the time to buy a new home. The interest rates are low, and, with all the time you’re spending in your home, you know you need something different. A fresh start in a new home is certainly appealing—never before lived in and completely up-to-date. You do have a choice when it comes to new construction though. To build or not to build—is that the question?

The Advantages of Building Your Home

We have evolved to a culture where we want what we want, and we want it quickly. At the same time, individualism is something to be appreciated. So, for some people, building their new home from the very start is the way to go.

The new home buyer has specific ideas and visions for their new home—from the style of the home itself down to the smallest design details. This buyer will spend years admiring all these choices, and sharing that with any visitor who shows interest.

When you decide to build a new home, you work with the builder to select the home site and then choose the floorplan. There are usually a specific set of floorplans that the builder uses, because they are tried-and-true—something you can’t say about all home plans. You then review all of your options and make any adjustments to the exterior and interior. You work with an interior designer to go over all the design selections: colors, flooring, countertops, cabinet styles, fixtures and more.

When everything is as you want it, you sign off on the plans and the price, and the construction begins!

A distinct advantage to opting for a to-be-built home is that the result is 100% move-in ready. You don’t need to change a thing. Just unpack and restart your new life!

How long does it take to build a home? That varies, depending on the builder. At Epcon Communities, where our home sites are typically prepared and ready to build on, we estimate 4 to 6 months from the time you sign your contract. Your builder will provide you with a construction schedule before the construction begins.

The Quick Move-In Option

Homebuilders often construct speculative (“spec”) homes in their communities. They call them “quick move-in”, “move-in ready”, “inventory”, or “showcase” homes. Each one reflects a floorplan from that builder’s portfolio, one that is popular with buyers, of course. They include their standard features as well as in-demand upgrades, using choices that have been proven to be appealing to many home buyers.

The advantage of a showcase or inventory home is that it’s brand new and move-in ready. You have all new construction, systems and appliances. The warranty gives you peace-of-mind from the foundation to the roof. The quick move-in home is ready for walking through so you see exactly what you’re getting.

Buying a quick move-in home is ideal for those people who want or need to close quickly. It’s also a good choice for anyone who doesn’t need to select every finish. Even if you do have specific tastes, you just might find that the home already reflects your preferences in the selections the designer has made.

Somewhere In Between

A new home is usually listed as soon as construction begins. That means you have the opportunity to buy that home early enough in the process to make your own choices for certain interior finishes. Skipping the first couple of steps in the to-be-built process saves you time so you can move in more quickly than if you started from scratch. This approach could be just the right fit when you can find a home underway that mirrors what you want in a new home and allows you to add a few personal touches.

Option 1, 2 or 3?

New construction homes present significant appeal to home buyers these days. A home that has never been lived in not only feels fresh and new, but also safer. New homes are typically more energy efficient than existing homes, and require no updates. You don’t have to worry about issues the previous owners had with the house. Every new home is inspected throughout the building process.

Whether you decide to build your own home or choose one that’s under construction or just completed, it’s nice to know you have different paths that lead you to owning a new construction home.

Epcon Communities invites you to explore the neighborhoods of single-family homes we build all around the country. Our award-winning homes are designed for exceptional comfort, low maintenance and convenience. And our communities are known for encouraging friendship and an active lifestyle. Reach out to Epcon Communities to get started on the right path to a new home.