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Why is the 2021 Housing Market So Hot?

If you have become frustrated trying to find a home to purchase in this crazy 2021 real estate market, you are not alone. A number of factors have combined to create the “perfect storm” seller’s market leaving home buyers scrambling to submit bids on the shrinking available inventory of homes for sale. Many homes are selling well above asking price as home buyers compete to buy a new home while interest rates remain at historic lows.

What is fueling the buying frenzy?

● Low inventory, partly from millennial home buyers entering the market and baby boomers staying in their homes longer
● Historically low interest rates
● A pandemic-induced lockdown and working from home made people more aware of the deficiencies with their current home

Will there be another housing market crash?

While the current housing market frenzy may seem eerily similar to the pre-2008 market crash, there are some important differences that should prevent a similar outcome.

The housing bubble that caused the Great Recession was based on easy credit that allowed home buyers to purchase homes with nothing down and speculate on real estate with little to no skin in the game. With no way to sell the homes for the value of the mortgage when the bubble burst and home prices plummeted, having little-to-no equity in their homes made it easy to walk away from their mortgages.

Today’s market is completely different in that regard. While the historically low interest rates make it easier to buy a home, home buyers are still required to have a down payment and the rising costs of homes are based on real factors such as land and material costs, remote and relocation workers and millennials entering the housing market.

● Currently 62% of properties have had a 20% increase in equity since last year
● Price increases are based on tangible factors
● Housing demand will continue to grow for years to come

One way to avoid the uncertainties of the resale home market is to buy a new home that you have built to your exact tastes and needs. Contact us today to find your new Epcon home and community.