Celebrating Thanksgiving in your new Epcon home

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You look forward to Thanksgiving each November. And with our social kitchens and open floorplan design, your new Epcon home will make hosting Thanksgiving easier and more family-friendly than ever before!

Think ahead. Your new Epcon home has an open floorplan, so your guests can mix and mingle in the kitchen, dining area and living room! Think about how best to use this space. Too many people for a sit down dinner? Set up a buffet and let everyone wander freely!

Communicate. The key to a seamless Thanksgiving is communication. Make sure everyone knows you’re more than happy to host in your new home! Talk to your family and friends to determine if there will be any allergies or food restrictions in order to set the menu to account for everyone’s needs!

Adapt. The holidays are going to be even more eventful after you’ve right-sized to an Epcon home. For example, an open dining area rather than large formal dining room makes entertaining easier and more fun. Your new social kitchen is adjacent to the dining area and living room – so you can interact with your friends and family while cooking!

Simplify. One of the gifts of moving to a low-maintenance Epcon home is that you have less to take care of. Consider taking the same approach to the holidays. You don’t have to do everything you used to do. Draw up a list of traditions. Just making the list will allow you to really think about what you want to keep, and what you’re ready to drop – or pass on the younger set. Then embrace the idea of creating new holiday traditions, so you’ll look forward to the possibilities every year.

Do what YOU want. After years of adhering to old traditions, feel free to shake things up a bit. New home = new traditions. Serve dishes you really love, instead of what’s expected. Don’t fancy turkey? Try duck. Tired of stuffing? Serve lasagna! Splurge on new dishes or decorations. Make the holidays in your new Epcon home a time to reconnect with your significant other, to reflect on past memories and make new ones.

Invite your new neighbors. Your Epcon community is full of new friends, invite them over for your family to meet! If it’s your first year celebrating in your new home, call it a Holiday Housewarming Party. Your guests will love seeing your new space, and you’ll have a new tradition to look forward to each year.

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