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North Carolina Over 55 Communities

As you look ahead to retirement—or at least slowing down—what do you see? Are you focusing on a sunny climate year ‘round or do you want to hold on to the change in seasons, but with perhaps less cold?

North Carolina offers a great location for people who are ready to enjoy more leisure in their lives. Located halfway down the Atlantic seaboard, there are many reasons why you should retire in North Carolina.

#1. The geography gives you a taste of everything. Whether you want to retreat to the ocean or the mountains, North Carolina gives you a tempting array of both. North Carolina’s position on the mid-Atlantic coast is lined with beaches and capes, including Cape Hatteras, Cape Fear, and Cape Lookout. The state also boasts the Great Smoky Mountains and the Blue Ridge Mountains, part of the Appalachian Mountains, as well as smaller mountain ranges. You can hike the hills, or ski, snowboard, or snowshoe in the winter. If you enjoy lake sports, you won’t have far to go, with popular places like Lake Norman and Lake Waccamaw, and the Catawba River.

#2. The four seasons are midway as the state itself. The weather in North Carolina varies as much as the geography, but you’ll definitely experience the change of seasons, although the snowfall mostly accumulates in the mountains. Summertime temperatures are in the upper 80s, but without the high humidity that occurs farther south. In fall, you’ll see the vibrant colors of the changing foliage, which attracts many visitors to the mountains for a more exhilarating view.

#3. North Carolina offers many ways to broaden your knowledge. The Tar Heel State features numerous institutions of higher learning that have earned reputations for quality education. Challenge yourself to keep learning with a course or two, or even pursue a degree. Duke University (Durham), North Carolina State University (Raleigh), Fayetteville State University (Fayetteville), University of North Carolina (Asheville, Chapel Hill, Charlotte, Greensboro), and Wake Forest University (Wake Forest) are just a few of the exceptional schools where you can continue your education—as well as enjoy the cultural, recreational, and other opportunities that come with living near a major university.

#4. Your leisure time is well spent. You can wander through an arts festival, spend the day on the golf course, find your new favorite restaurant or shop, explore history or nature, or feed your appetite for city life. North Carolina’s cities and towns present countless ways to fill your free time.

#5. You’ll discover the true meaning of “southern hospitality”. From “y’all come” to the flavors of fried green tomatoes, sweet tea, and shrimp ‘n’ grits, North Carolina rewards you with a culture that always serves up a warm welcome and good manners. Kick back and enjoy the southern lifestyle, which just might require you to pick a side and cheer on the home team—whether that’s high school, college, or pros.

#6. Your social security benefits are tax-free. Currently, 37 states do not impose a tax on social security benefits, and North Carolina is one of them. When you retire here, you can collect your full benefits, which gives you more to live on.

North Carolina will give you a relaxed lifestyle with the diverse variety of opportunities to enhance your retirement. Cities and towns like Cary, Chapel Hill, Charlotte, Greensboro, Asheville, Durham, Fayetteville, Raleigh, Wesley Chapel, and Winston-Salem provide active adult communities that keep you close to the amenities you want. Discover the good life when you retire in North Carolina!