South Carolina

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South Carolina: Southern Living, Outdoor Exploration, and Artistic Flair

America’s South is quite well-known for its more relaxed approach to life. South Carolina is no different. And while it’s one of the lesser considered areas of the American South, it offers quite a lot to its residents: gorgeous geographical wonders, a bustling art scene, a beautiful beach, and all sorts of other pastimes to partake in. Here are some of the top reasons to consider retiring in South Carolina.

1. Enjoy nature in all of its forms. Outdoor explorers will marvel at the sheer diversity South Carolina offers on a geographical level. The state boasts three distinct regions: the Blue Ridge Mountains, Piedmont, and the Atlantic coastal plain. The latter region further splits into its own two categories, the Pee Dee region and the Lowcountry. All three of these areas are rich with igneous and metamorphic rocks and other forms of natural glory.

Furthermore, there are several other unique natural attractions to discover throughout the state, such as the Upper Whitewater Falls (spanning 411 feet!), Summerville’s array of beautiful spring blooms (stay for the azaleas), and the return of the Purple Martins during spring and summer for their roosting season.

2. Take advantage of the warmer climate. South Carolina offers a humid subtropical climate, which keeps temperatures on the warmer side, especially as you get nearer to the coast. You’ll be able to enjoy warm, balmy summers, kicking back with a glass of iced tea and chatting with loved ones in the shade, or hosting backyard barbecues filled with sunshine and laughter. What could be a more idyllic Southern summer pastime?

3. You can enjoy all kinds of art. Not only is South Carolina rich on a geographical level, but it also boasts a thriving performing and visual arts scene! It features five different museums to visit: the South Carolina State Museum (Columbia), the Gibbes Museum of Art (Charleston), the Spartanburg Art Museum (Columbia), the Columbia Museum of Art, and the Greenville County Museum of Art. The state also hosts Spoleto Festival USA, one of the leading performing arts festivals in the nation.

4. Improve your golf swing. Golf enthusiasts, take note: South Carolina offers over 300 private and public golf courses to enjoy. You may find yourself touring course after course, looking for the perfect spot to practice your swing and enjoy a nice, relaxing game every week.

5. Kick back and relax. There’s one more noteworthy element we haven’t mentioned—South Carolina’s famous beaches. Myrtle Beach is its most famous spot yet. It’s located at the center of the Grand Strand, which sits along the state’s coastline.

As you can expect, it’s become very popular as of recent decades. People from all over the state and surrounding areas flock to Myrtle Beach to enjoy a day in the sun and sand. One glimpse at its pure white sediment and gleaming waters, and you’ll want to plant down a beach chair and drift off as often as you can!

If you’re looking for the ultimate location where you can relax and enjoy what you love, give us a call. We can help you get a jump start retiring in South Carolina and fully taking part in its natural beauty and cultural bounty.