Experience the Importance of Community

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John Donne penned the famous phrase, “No man is an island” almost 400 years ago, and it still holds true. By our very nature, people are social creatures—which is why social distancing has been such a strain. In spite of physical barriers, we still need to experience the importance of community.

A community is, by definition, a group of people with a common thread. They could be connected by their interests, where they live or work, their faith, social, economic, ethnic or political connection. Whatever the link, it brings them together. You might be missing your family, friends and co-workers these days. You might not have realized the value they bring to your life until you were suddenly disconnected. You can still reap the rewards of being part of a community.


Are you missing the physical interactions with other people outside your home? We need to be careful and respect social distancing, but that doesn’t mean a get-together is out of the question. Meet up with friends at a park or any outdoor venue where you can spread out a bit. Take your canine companions to the dog park where everyone can benefit from togetherness.

Challenge yourself and your community members to come up with ideas to get together. They’re feeling the need as much as you and might just need a nudge.


Take advantage of the good weather to organize a picnic. Bring your masks and stake out your own picnic table or blanket. You can easily chat with your friends and play outdoor games, like croquet, bocce ball and pickleball.

How about an outdoor movie night? With a projector and a screen, you can stream movies from your mobile device. Set up packaged snacks and drinks to share with your community guests.

Organize a Zoom party. Everyone has their own beverage and snack. Ask every guest to be ready to share an idea, show what they’ve been working on or present some other tidbit for the group to enjoy. You could even play party games, like charades.


We could all use a little inspiration these days. Up until the pandemic created separation, you likely had many sources that you’re missing right now—like galleries and museums, festivals, exhibits, concerts, church and club meetings.

There are plenty of other places where you can seek inspiration. Take a hike, watch the sunset, or read (or listen to) a book. Ask your community for ideas. Where do they find inspiration? Sharing ideas is certain to spark your thinking and creativity. And when you are inspired, share the experience with others. Post on social media or make a video to demonstrate what inspired you and, more importantly, what you did as a result.


We can learn so much as a member of a community. Each individual brings unique perspective, knowledge and life experience. Keep it going by seeking ways to expand your life through learning. Choose a hobby or subject to explore and invite friends to learn along with you. Join a Facebook group of people who like the same topic. Share your progress and ask for help, tips and ideas. Your newfound interest will expand your community.


Networking is a valuable way to discover opportunities. You know someone who knows someone who knows someone else, and things happen! Just because conferences, mixers and club meetings aren’t happening in person doesn’t mean you can’t reach out to your community to network. What is it you need help with? From the best recipe for homemade bread to a job opportunity, let your community know. It’s exciting to see how people step up and pitch in.

Epcon Communities was founded on the idea that being part of a community is a healthy, satisfying way to live. We build neighborhoods that are designed to bring people together. The amenities and activities provide a great variety of options. Even the homes support the idea of community. Community clubhouses, open floorplans and private garden courtyards present space to welcome visitors. During difficult times like these, the friendships that have grown in our communities has proved invaluable, with neighbors helping neighbors.

If you’re thinking about making a change of place and space, please take a look at Epcon Communities. We build in locations around the country, and new communities are always on the horizon. Our low-maintenance lifestyle frees up time to enjoy the activities and people that make your life more complete. Take a look at our communities and reach out to revive your life.