Advantages of a Walk-In Shower

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If you are considering building a new home or remodeling your existing home or bath, you should consider the advantages of a walk-in shower. In addition to a seamless open design, they offer easier access than a tub/shower combination or shower stall. They can even be built with an “L” shape design which eliminates the need for a shower door and can be flush with the rest of the bathroom floor for better accessibility.

More Space

The size and dimensions of a walk-in shower are not tied to the confines of a tub which allows for more interior space in the shower even if it is in a smaller bathroom. In larger areas, an “L” shape design can be used to eliminate a shower door. Add bench seating and large rain shower heads to turn your shower into a spa-like sanctuary.

Ease of Access

Walk-in showers provide easier access than tub/shower units. They can be built with low thresholds or flush to the bathroom floor to prevent tripping. This allows easy access for individuals with mobility issues or anyone confined to a wheelchair. This is especially beneficial for middle-aged and older homeowners who may not currently have mobility issues but plan to stay in their homes long-term.

More Design Options

Additional advantages of a walk-in shower include the almost limitless design opportunities available and the ability to match the same tile throughout the walls of the bathroom and shower if desired. This gives the entire space a more harmonious and spacious look. Custom features can also be added such as built-in shelves, multiple showerheads, bench seating, and showers without doors.

A walk-in shower usually creates a more modern style but by choosing specific fixtures, tile, and details, it can fit in with any style of home. With enough space, you can even include a freestanding tub in addition to your walk-in shower.

Easy to Clean

The simplicity of a walk-in shower makes it easier to clean than a typical tub/shower combination or shower stall. There are fewer surfaces, crevices, and corners so dirt and grime don’t build up as easily. A walk-in shower can be easily rinsed and cleaned as water doesn’t accumulate so there is less residue build-up. You also won’t have to deal with moldy shower curtains or even cleaning a glass door depending on the design of your walk-in shower.

Increase Value of Home

The addition of a walk-in shower adds a look and feel of luxury to your home. It’s also an important feature to older homebuyers and anyone planning on staying in their home through retirement that may have to deal with mobility issues at some point. While it’s a good idea to have at least one tub or tub/shower in your home, a custom walk-in shower can increase your home’s appeal and be a major selling point should you ever need to sell your home.

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