Your Outdoor Living Space: One Home, Three Ways

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How do you like to connect with the outdoors while at home? At Epcon Communities, we know that every homeowner has their own preference, so we give you options for your outdoor living space. There are three ways to incorporate this all-important feature in one of our homes.

With many floorplans in our portfolio, you have the option of deciding the structure of your outdoor living space. A garden courtyard is included—and it's one of our most popular home features! Our homes are designed so that the layout wraps around the courtyard, kind of like a hug. You can see your beautiful garden oasis from many locations inside your home—and vice versa.

But just beyond the private courtyard, there’s another opportunity to expand your living space. The owner’s suite is tucked in the back of our Epcon Communities homes. Outside the bedroom, you have a space that easily extends the courtyard to your liking.

Are you an “al fresco” kind of person who wants to take it all in, with no boundaries?

Give yourself more outdoor living space by extending the courtyard and creating a covered patio. You can enjoy the great outdoors and nature, while giving yourself a shaded space to enjoy your serenity.

Do you prefer having a little protection from the elements while still feeling the breeze?

You might enjoy your outdoor space more if you have a barrier between you and the uninvited visitors—insects and other things that should stay outside. We can extend your patio and then enclose it with a screen. That way you have a close connection with the outdoors but a not-so-close connection with the things that interrupt your relaxation.

Would you make the most of a sitting room with a view?

This bonus space is directly adjacent to the owner’s suite. Think about the pleasures of having a sitting room. We can convert the space to a fully enclosed retreat, like a sunroom. Large windows overlook your yard and courtyard, also streaming natural light into your private space. Picture yourself unwinding here, alone with your thoughts, against a backdrop that can be a spring morning, crisp autumn afternoon or a wintry wonderland.

With Epcon Communities, you have so many ways to craft the home you want. Browse through the communities available and coming soon in states around the country. Many of our neighborhoods of single-family homes include community amenities that provide a well-rounded experience, along with a low-maintenance lifestyle. Look at the floorplans available and let’s talk about the options!

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