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The Benefits of Rightsizing Your New Home

the benefits of rightsizing your new home

One of the benefits of rightsizing your new home is that it can simplify and improve your life, especially as you get older. So, what does rightsizing mean and how does it differ from downsizing?

When contemplating what type of lifestyle would make you happy, consider how much money, time and energy you currently put into maintaining your home and yard. Think about what the perfect space would feel like without all the clutter and rooms you barely use. Rightsizing is about taking charge of your future by adapting your surroundings to better fit your lifestyle.

The Difference Between Downsizing and Rightsizing

Downsizing often comes with the negative connotation of having less and feeling less comfortable in a smaller space. It is sometimes necessary because of a change in life circumstances. Downsizing your home can feel like a step down in your lifestyle.

Rightsizing is a proactive choice you make to optimize your living space and fully utilize your home. It may also include moving into a community with amenities that help you live a better life by staying in shape and having more positive social interactions without having to leave your neighborhood.

The Benefits of Rightsizing Your New Home

Rightsizing doesn’t necessarily mean moving into a smaller home. It means creating a space that fits your lifestyle with everything you need to make your life better but not having wasted space you don’t need or use. Rightsizing includes organizing your home in ways that improve your lifestyle like having extra storage where you need it to keep things out of the way until you need them to better use and enjoy the living space you have.

You may be able to remodel an existing home to make it closer to what you want, but building a new home allows you the opportunity to start off with a floor plan that best fits your lifestyle. You may also be able to add structural options such as an owner’s suite sitting room for more personal space, a walk-in shower to make your bath more luxurious or a bonus suite providing true flex space that can be used for many purposes as your needs change.

Single-level homes with an open layout design work well for rightsizing your living space as there is no wasted space for stairs and you don’t have to worry about whether you or your pets can continue to navigate the stairs as you age. Single-level living allows for easier movement throughout the home which makes everyday life, including cleaning and maintenance, simpler and safer. It also makes entertaining easier!

Rightsizing your home should also include outdoor living space such as a screened or covered porch or a deck or courtyard styled to match your home and personal taste. Whether you’re entertaining friends and family or want a private spot to read, having a beautiful outdoor area is a great way to improve your lifestyle and enjoyment of your home.

Enjoy the Present and be Prepared for the Future

Enjoying your home isn’t only about the home itself but also about where you live. Having access to activities and areas you enjoy such as parks, beaches, shopping, restaurants, golfing, cultural events, or whatever your main interests are is paramount to enjoying your free time.

Building or buying a home in a 55+ community is another great way to add enjoyment to your life now and in the future. Not having to worry about mowing the lawn, shoveling snow, or tending to landscape chores, makes it easier to enjoy the amenities in your community and local area.

Living in a 55+ community makes it easy to socialize and make new friends while enjoying the amenities that may include a clubhouse and pool, a fitness center, organized events or just strolling through the community on a beautiful day. In some communities, you can even get in on a game of tennis or pickleball without even having to leave your neighborhood.

Part of rightsizing your home and being prepared for the future may include adding aspects of accessibility into your home to make it more livable now and when you’re older. It will also be safer for people of any age, including young children. Accessibility elements available in Epcon’s Universal Design options include minimal stairs, wide doorways and hallways, lever door handles and curbless shower entry.

It's also worth considering whether you can add zero-entry, sometimes called zero-step entry, features to your home. Having zero-entry doorways between indoor and outdoor areas makes your home safer, more versatile and more enjoyable to live in. You may also be able to add a zero-entry shower in one of the bathrooms to give it a more luxurious feel and make it safer as you age.

In the event that someone in the home, or a guest, is in a wheelchair, having zero-entry exterior doors makes it easy for them to move between indoor and outdoor areas and enjoy the fresh air and natural sunlight.

Epcon Communities

Epcon Communities has long made available elements of accessibility in home building in our luxury single-level homes. We build with your future in mind and can incorporate wide doorways and hallways, and minimal stairs between inside and outside areas in our homes. Our floor plans use an open-concept design with fewer walls and large windows to allow more natural light in the home and many come with an option for a walk-in shower.

We offer floor plans from 1,300 to over 3,000 square feet with 2-4 bedrooms in communities throughout the country, many of which include resort-style amenities. So, you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your lifestyle.

Landscape maintenance and snow removal is typically included through the HOA, which frees up time for you to enjoy the activities and people that make your life more complete. It’s part of how Epcon Communities helps you make time for what matters most.

If you’re ready to discover the benefits of rightsizing your new home and living in a 55+ community, contact us to find out about all the benefits we offer and we'll help you find the perfect home and community for your lifestyle!

owner's suite with sitting room that opens to courtyard